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"The USA is a brutal Psychiatric Police State"

The American psychiatrists and US government have together created a brutal Psychiatric Police State which has been responsible for crippling and murdering more innocent people than any nation in world history. Daily law abiding and emotionally and intellectually intelligent men, women and children with the capacity to do well in all realms of their lives are forcibly taken out of the system by the US feds and cops and turned over to "The American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture & Death!" The reasoning behind this in each case generally has nothing at all to do with actual mental health care and instead reflects sadism, greed, jealousies, vendettas and other negative human emotions. The literal kidnappings to mental hospital concentration camps, beatings by feds, cops, psychiatrists, and psychiatric nurses, sexual assaults, poisoning with toxic drugs, and other abuses inherent in the psychiatric system paint a picture of ignorance and a total disregard of human rights by all responsible people making it appear that the most brutal street gang members and organized terrorists in our society are simply emulating these authority figures in their total disregard for the intense pain and suffering which they often inflict innocent people with. Swift, fixed kangaroo civil court proceedings with no juries and no sworn in testimony before crooked judges the psychiatrists work with regularly are used to legalize this tyranny across the USA!

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"Your brain health is hurt by sitting too much"

Researchers at UCLA say sitting too much is associated with changes in a section of the brain which is vital for memory. Studies have shown that too much sitting increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and premature death. UCLA researchers wanted to see how sedentary behavior influences brain health.>>>Read more from EurekAlert>>>

"Yoga & mindfulness activities can help kids cope better"

Taking time to take part in yoga and mindfulness activities at school can help third-graders who are experiencing anxiety improve their well-being and emotional health. Researchers targeted third grade kids because this is viewed is a vital time of transition for elementary students when academic expectations begin to increase.>>>Read more from Tulane University>>>

"Experiences early in life may change DNA in the adult brain"

It has been reported by Salk scientists in the journal Science that the type of mothering a female mouse gives her pups actually alters their DNA. It appears childhood environments affect brain development in people and this may offer insights into neuropsychiatric disorders.>>>Read  more from The Salk Institute>>>  

"Changes in brain connectivity are seen from prenatal stress"

A mother’s stress when she is  pregnant alters neural connectivity in the brain of her unborn baby.  Mothers who have reported high stress have had fetuses with a decreased efficiency in the organization of their neural functional systems.>>>Read more from CNS>>> 

"Pasta can be part of a healthy diet"

Pasta has a low glycemic index, which means it causes smaller increases in blood sugar levels than those which are caused by eating foods which have a high glycemic index. Researchers at St. Michael's Hospital have found that eating pasta didn’t contribute to weight gain or to an increase in body fat.>>>Read more from St. Michael's Hospital>>> 

"Lifestyle changes can dramatically help prevent cancer"

Every year more than 135,500 cases of cancer a year in the UK could be prevented with lifestyle changes, according to researchers. This is equal to 37.7% of all cancers which are diagnosed each year in the UK and 41.5% in Scotland.>>>Read more from Cancer Research UK>>>

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