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Daily Natural Healthcare Tips


Just 40 to 60 minutes of aerobic exercise daily helps to prevent & overcome depression while also improving overall well-being. Good nutrition & adequate daily rest & sleep are also essential for good mental health & overall well being!


Artistic pursuits can nurture mental health by helping you to express, understand & heal emotions & thoughts. Artistic interests such as painting, music, poetry & literature can enhance your sense of well-being & give meaning to your life!   


Red raspberries are a good source of fiber & vitamin C. And the high antioxidant content of red raspberries may help lower your risk for chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer! 

Daily Human Rights Abuse Terror Alert


"The psychiatrists & their supporters are among the cruelest people in the history of mankind"! While spending a fortune on propaganda campaigns making themselves out to appear to be highly compassionate providers of exceptional mental healthcare the psychiatrists nevertheless are a dangerous fraud who profit greatly from inflicting men, women and children with highly destructive interventions which cause and exacerbate mental illness. There have been far more people literally crippled and with wasted lives from just the American psychiatrists than from all of the organized militant groups together listed as terrorist organizations by the United Nations. Psychiatric intervention closes the doors for prevention and recovery from mental illness and leads to lifetimes of despair. Instead of listening carefully to patients to get helpful cues about what could help with their mental health psychiatrists are belligerent about such suggestions and strike as hard and fast as rattlesnakes to immobilize their patients when they are seeking independence, healthy prevention and recoveries with productive and happy lives. Supporters of psychiatrists including other medical doctors, nurses and psychiatric court judges rank alongside psychiatrists as the cruelest people in world history who work together to sadistically waste human lives to help fuel the powerful "Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture & Death"! The legalization of the tyrannical quackery of psychiatry by tragically incompetent and abusive American lawmakers and others worldwide has nurtured the evolution of sick societies where right versus wrong has been turned around due to the respect and opportunities gained from supporting such government endorsed ignorant barbarism!               

CCHR: What we believe!

Dr Peter G√łtzsche exposes big pharma as organized crime

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