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Eating blueberries promotes overall good health!

A type of flavonoid which is called anthocyanin gives blueberries many of their health benefits. Flavonoids are plant compounds which often have a very powerful antioxidant effect. Blueberries have been shown to protect against cancer and heart disease. They  may also help maintain healthy blood and bone strength. And blueberries can help nurture mental health.>>>Read more from Medical News Today>>> 

Daily Human Rights Abuse Terror Alert

"People are lead into lives of quiet desperation by psychiatrists"

Psychiatrists consistently steal everything from people which is essential for their mental health as they lead them into lives of quiet desperation. The drugs prescribed  by psychiatrists with all of their promises of miracle cures for mental health issues generally instead deaden all normal human drives and perceptions of pleasure which in itself creates extreme forms of mental distress. Some of these horrible drug side effects can be chronic in nature while the damages from negative interactions during periods of psychiatric drugging can far outlast even the acute drug effects. And with  support from the feds, cops and courts psychiatrists work to steal the accomplishments and potential accomplishments of men, women and children unfortunate enough to see them as patients with the sadistic position that the challenges and excitement of life are somehow not good for the mental health of these people. This all leads to extreme forms of emotional torment and wasted lives of quiet desperation in victims of psychiatry and their families due to anticipated career ruination and severe financial hardships!

Breaking Psychiatric Abuse News

"Licenses of 89 psychiatrists were revoked by Japan's Health Minister"

The National Ministry of Health in Japan has moved against psychiatric abuse after a two year investigation. A review of involuntary commitment was ordered by the Prime Minister of Japan and it was concluded psychiatric “treatments” actually cause violence and homicide. Among the 89 license revocations of psychiatrists the licenses of 23 university psychiatrists were revoked for fraud.>>>Read more from CCHR>>>

"India fights psychiatric abuses"

Dr. Khazi Muzaffar ul Islam, who is an emergency medical doctor in India with a passion for helping others, has said “If you start taking drugs from a psychiatrist you are in for lifelong pain; if you take real medicine you feel better. Psych drugs just make your brain go to sleep.” Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)  is another cause of “lifelong pain”.  When a revised Mental Healthcare Act was signed into law in India in 2017 ECT was prohibited on minors. There were also bans on the chaining, seclusion and solitary confinement of patients with mental health issues, while also providing individuals the basic right to decline psychiatric treatment altogether.>>>Read more from CCHR>>>

"CCHR: What we believe"

DrMandelNews.com Breaking Health News

"Eat fish for heart health"

Research has upheld that eating fish at least twice a week is good for your cardiovascular health. Eating fish, particularly those which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, lowers the risk of  heart failures, coronary heart disease, cardiac arrest, and ischemic stroke.>>>Read more from the American Heart Association>>>

"An orange a day can help you beat macular degeneration"

Researchers say  people who regularly eat oranges are less not as likely to develop macular degeneration as people who do not eat oranges.  A study in Australia has shown that  people who ate at least one serving of oranges daily had greater than a 60% lower risk of developing late macular degeneration 15 years later.>>>Read more from The Westmead Institute>>>

"Greenspace slows down cognitive decline"

A study by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health has shown there is a relation between neighborhood green space and mental capacity. Data shows that cognitive decline in older people is slowed down in those living with exposure to greenspace.>>>Read more from EurekAlert>>> 

"Eating an egg a day may be good for your heart "

According to researchers in China people  who eat an egg a day could significantly decrease their risk of  cardiovascular diseases in comparison with not eating any eggs.  A study has found that there is an association between moderate level  of egg consumption and a decreased rate of cardiac events.>>>Read more from BMJ>>> 

"Eating dark chocolate improves memory, mood & immunity"

 The flavonoids which are found in cacao are very potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents which have beneficial effects on brain and cardiovascular health. Researchers have found  eating dark chocolate has positive effects on stress levels, mood, memory, inflammation and immunity.  >>>Read more from Loma Linda University>>>

"Lifestyle changes can dramatically help prevent cancer"

Every year more than 135,500 cases of cancer a year in the UK could be prevented with lifestyle changes, according to researchers. This is equal to 37.7% of all cancers which are diagnosed each year in the UK and 41.5% in Scotland.>>>Read more from Cancer Research UK>>>

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