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"Valerian may help with anxiety & sleep"

Valerian is an herb  which is derived form the root of a pink flower called Valeriana officinalis.  Valerian does not cause as many memory and thinking problems as the benzodiazepine sedative drugs.  Valerian may therefore be a particularly good option for anxiety and sleep problems for elderly people.>>>Read more from Harvard Health Publishing>>> 

"Exercise can help you beat depression!"

The psychological and physical benefits of exercise may help improve mood and reduce anxiety.  Working out and other forms of physical activity can decrease symptoms of depression or anxiety and make you feel better. Exercise may also prevent depression and anxiety from coming back once you're feeling better.>>>Read more from Mayo Clinic>>> 

"Eat Fish for Depression!"

Your brain health can be improved by getting more omega 3s in your diet. These are healthy fats, which are found in abundance in fish and they have long been implicated in depression. Fish is also a major component of the Mediterranean diet which has been found to be an effective diet for preventing depression.>>>Read more from University Health News>>>

Daily Human Rights Abuse Terror Alert

"The American psychiatric system routinely shuts down lives with great potential!"

There are few things as tragic in this world as totally wasting the potential and lives of human beings and yet this is routinely done by the American psychiatric system of terror. In spite of laws on the books at both federal and state levels in the USA which are supposed to protect victims of psychiatry from discrimination in school and at work the psychiatrists, feds and cops themselves consistently display cruel and arrogant indifference to the human rights of these people as they have them directly and indirectly abused in society. It is never in a person's best interests, whether or not they may have dealt with mental health issues, to have their potential in life unnecessarily shut down while having them socially isolated and yet this is routinely done to well educated and law abiding targets of psychiatric tyranny. These people find good opportunities which they deserve in the academic world and in the work world cruelly shut down due to stigmatization created and enforced by the feds, cops and psychiatrists themselves who are therefore actually terrorists who just do what they want to human beings based on their own ignorant bigotries and sadism. This all leads to tragically wasted potential and lives of good people who otherwise generally could have succeeded and prospered in various realms of their lives!

This commentary is not based on scientific studies and is simply based  on opinions unless otherwise stated. However, keep in mind the diagnoses of the psychiatrists do not have any biological markers to back them up  and are therefore based on the subjective whims of the psychiatrists whose interventions consistently appear to cause patients a great deal of pain and suffering and far more harm than good! 

Breaking Natural Health Care News

"Being raised with religion promotes good health!"

There's an association between being raised with religion and better health and well being during early adult life. Those in this study who prayed or meditated at least daily while they were growing up were more likely to report more happiness as young adults, less likely to have started having sex when they were very young and less likely to have a  sexually transmitted infection in comparison to those who never prayed or meditated.>>>Read more from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health>>>

"Healthy lifestyle changes lower the need for blood pressure medications"

Researchers from the University of North Carolina have reported men and women suffering from high blood pressure have been found to lower the need for antihypertensive medications after they made lifestyle changes.  Lifestyle changes which include healthier eating and regular  exercise can dramatically lower the number of patients who need blood  pressure-lowering medications.>>>Read more from Eurekalert>>> 

"Kids can avoid trouble by taking Omega-3s"

It has been reported that something as simple as a dietary supplement could decrease disruptive and even abusive behavior. According to research by a UMass Lowell criminal justice professor dietary supplements of Omega-3s can reduce disruptive and abusive behavior in kids.  Omega-3 fatty acids seem to improve brain health and behavior in kids and adults.>>>Read more from UMass Lowell>>>  

"CCHR: The drugging of our children"

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