Daily Human Rights Abuse Terror Alert

"The US terror state has hypocritical policies in dealing with human rights activism" The terrorist US government continues it's traditional policy of encouraging foreign people to blast their home governments over human rights abuses. Nevertheless Americans who blast the US government over human rights abuses are electronically stalked, badgered, labelled as unpatriotic and mentally ill, drugged up with the toxic arsenal of psychiatric drugs, railroaded into mental hospital concentration camps, and confronted with cruel social isolation and deadly blacklists!

Natural Mental Health Care Tip of the Day

"Passion Flower can help keep you calm and relaxed" Passion flower (Passiflora Incarnata} was first found in Peru. Passion flower is used in herbal medicines to nurture being calm and relaxed. It has also been found to be helpful with decreasing anxiety, with sleep disorders, seizures, and to relieve symptoms which are associated with narcotic drug withdrawal. 

Natural General Health News Report of the Day

"Cinnamon may help you fight obesity" Aside from tasting  delicious cinnamon may have some significant health benefits because it may help  burn fat. The University of Michigan has reported that cinnamon may help to fight against obesity. Cinnamon may lead to tasty therapeutic strategies in the fight against obesity. >>>Read  More>>>

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