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Daily Human Rights Abuse Terror Alert


"American psychiatrists are heavily armed terrorists!"

While insisting that they are well trained and dedicated to the provision of mental health care the American psychiatrists are nevertheless heavily armed terrorists who create and nurture unstable states of mind for enormous profits. The arsenal of weapons of these mad scientists consists of their highly toxic arsenal of psychiatric drugs, syringes, strait jackets and electric shock machines. Their psychiatric hospitals are actually dungeons where patients are routinely beaten, isolated as if they are prisoners of war, drugged with toxic poisons, sexually assaulted and abused in other manners. The terrorist network of psychiatry in the USA extends outward to include psychiatric nurses, federal agents, cops and their personal judges who help to implement and enforce these abuses in a hypocritically disturbed American society which insists it stands at the center of humanity on the planet Earth while nevertheless being a terrorist human rights abuser nation which uses the stigmatization of psychiatry to rationalize lifetimes of torture of innocent targets of the nation's psychiatric tyranny. Although psychiatry is a destructive discipline worldwide and amounts to torture worldwide it is the gross hypocrisy of the USA in dealing with human rights issues which merits highlighting what's really going on in the USA with psychiatry!  

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