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Daily Human Rights Abuse Terror Alert

"The US government is dangerously experimenting on thought, behavior and emotional control of people" Unusually cruel sadists working for the US government have been using satellite technology of the nature which is used for satellite TVs and mobile phones to zap the brains of the often arbitrary targets of medical-legal psychiatric tyranny across the USA. The targets of this brutality are generally, but not always, poor sane social activists. Natural Mental Health Care activists in particular are being targeted with this dangerous intervention into their brains. The objective of the government is to make these people out to appear to be mentally ill by hitting their brains in manners which cause unusual physical, verbal and emotional responses. Thereafter, working with the nations consistently unethical psychiatrists these people are put on highly toxic psychiatric drugs which mimic mental illness and worse after they walk out of school or their jobs in dazed states of mind from being abused in such manners. The trendy intentional misdiagnoses of abuse associated with this painful and costly experimentation on the human brain are schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Swift, fixed kangaroo civil court proceedings with no juries and no sworn in testimony before unethical judges the psychiatrists and government work with daily are used to legalize these tyrannical abuses. The US government is throwing away lives daily as this technology is used to experiment on thought, behavior and emotional control of men, women and children who generally would have done very well in live if not for such dangerous intrusions into their minds. When victims of this tyranny figure all of this out and want to get back to school and work in naturally healthy manners the government and psychiatrists become cruel psychopaths and insist that will never again be possible and that they instead need psychiatric intervention for alleged chronic mental illness, as they zap their victims harder than ever while painfully ruining their careers, financial interests and personal lives. These are of course all covert US government activities which feed the “American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death” as the government and psychiatrists insist anyone who reports on this is mentally ill.

Natural Mental Health Care News Report of the Day

"Hyponatremia is associated with poor cognitive function" It has been reported that a new study has discovered that lower levels of sodium in the blood, which is known as hyponatremia, is associated with declines in cognitive function with advancing age. This study has been published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN). Read more from EurekAlert>>>

Natural General Health Care News Report of the Day

"Yogurt promotes cardiovascular health" A higher consumption of yogurt is associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease according to a new study published by Oxford University Press. Clinical trials have demonstrated that dairy consumption has a positive effect on cardiovascular health. Yogurt may independently be associated with cardiovascular disease risk.>>>Read more from Health Europa>>>

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