Daily Human Rights Abuse Terror Alert

"Psychiatrists label and treat people as mentally ill based on projections of their own bigoted whims!"  With support from the US feds and cops psychiatrists label intelligent, creative and independent and law abiding people as mentally ill based on what they say is thinking, emotions, or behavior which is contrary to what they consider acceptable. There are no biological markers to back up the damaging labels of mental illness such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. This is absurd and simply represents a brutal crackdown on individuality for huge profits. We will never know for certain in what different positive directions our entire society may have gone if so many people who had so much to offer in life were not brutally taken out of the mainstream system by psychiatrists. And the extreme emotional pain and suffering which victims of psychiatry must endure as they find their very essence being crushed by the destructive psychiatric interventions is inhumane!

Natural Mental Health Care Tip of the Day

"Lecithin may benefit brain health" 

Some  studies have suggested that lecithin may be beneficial for brain and  nerve function. Lecithin may help to  improve memory. Soy milk is a  good source of lecithin. Lecithin is also available in supplements. 

Natural General Health Article of the Day

"Try mushrooms for good health and longevity" Researchers say that mushrooms are a very healthy food. Eating certain types of mushrooms may promote anti-aging while nurturing good health>

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