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"Psychiatrists are monsters who use their labels to ruin people!"

The psychiatrists are monsters who along with other doctors and judges who support their tyrannical quackery use, enforce and create diagnoses based on their subjective whims and who thereafter create civil legal records against people in need or humane mental health care and perfectly decent, sane, competent, and law abiding human rights activists. These civil legal records are created in swift, fixed kangaroo court proceedings with no juries and no sworn in testimony across all 50 American states daily. Any two licensed physicians, generally a psychiatrist and another physician, testify briefly at these sham proceedings which make a total mockery out of all humane concepts of justice and democracy. The psychiatrists often work directly with brutal cops to cover-up for police brutality with these cases by insisting records of false arrests with dropped charges in the criminal justice system somehow nevertheless manifests poor behavior on the part of the targets of such police brutality. The civil records generated by psychiatrists for people they claim they are trained to help, are than used by the psychiatrists as what they call evidence to insist that their victims need their help both for the duration of the court orders they get for forced, unwanted and unnecessary intervention, and thereafter for the remainder of their lives. The psychiatrists work as hard as possible to create a revolving door situation of abuses for their victims by instructing the police and federal agents thereafter not to allow these people to get good well paying jobs, if any jobs at all, based on the records they have created against the very people they have conned into or forced into being their patients in such manners. The associated created and enforced poverty often drives the victims of the monster psychiatrists out into the streets and back into the psychiatric hospital concentration camps when the police thereafter pick them up off of the sidewalks. The targets of this brutality are generally extremely well educated, sensitive activists who have a lot to offer their families and the society if only given a chance, and who could be earning a nice living if not for the psychiatrists themselves. If these victims of the cruelty of psychiatry manage to stay off the streets and out of the mental hospital concentration camps they nevertheless often find themselves struggling to exist on the fringes of society due to psychiatric stigmatization. And the FBI has made it clear their agents deal with the sham psychiatric county civil court cases which take a few moments to roll through the psychiatric kangaroo civil courts daily, as if they are credible federal cases.  And all along the county judges who preside over these cases are simply a part of a crooked, abusive psychiatric system who fuel huge profits for the diabolically insane psychiatrists and for themselves in such manners. Anyone in any walk of life across the United States or elsewhere who supports these sham proceedings as being credible and assists with the cruel stigmatization and associated blacklists of the victims of psychiatry ranks alongside the psychiatrists as cruel and criminal human rights abusers who are fueling the most horrible genocide of innocent people of its kind in world history. And all along in efforts to crush dissent, which is an inherent value which deserves respect in all democratic systems, the psychiatrists and their followers insist that anyone who protests this cruelty is dealing with denial and lack of insight and judgment and is suffering from horrible mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, in efforts to undermine the credibility of the criticisms of the tyrannical psychiatrists!

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