Daily Human Rights Abuse Terror Alert

"The American society has made support of psychiatric tyranny socially popular" The support of the government sponsored ignorant treachery of the psychiatrists has become a trendy and popular thing to do across the USA. The wealthy and poor alike are made to feel as if they are being model American citizens for helping the psychiatrists, feds, cops and their personal judges to waste the lives of creative, innovative, peace loving and innocent targets of the "American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture & Death!" The plight of the victims of psychiatry is casually discussed over lunch in schools, at work, in cafes, and at fashionable cocktail parties. All along the one consideration which is rarely raised is moving in to help these beaten down men, women and children regain their dignity and independence and move back into the mainstream of life!     

Natural Mental Health Care Tip of the Day

"Lecithin may benefit brain health" 

Some  studies have suggested that lecithin may be beneficial for brain and  nerve function. Lecithin may help to  improve memory. Soy milk is a  good source of lecithin. Lecithin is also available in supplements. 

Natural General Health Article of the Day

"Try mushrooms for good health and longevity" Researchers say that mushrooms are a very healthy food. Eating certain types of mushrooms may promote anti-aging while nurturing good health>

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