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Daily Human Rights Abuse Terror Alert


"Torture is instituted by kangaroo psychiatric courts across the USA!"

Criminally insane US feds, cops and psychiatrists use swift, fixed kangaroo civil psychiatric court proceedings against sane, law abiding activists and others as an excuse to thereafter have these people isolated with stigmatization and slander about them across the USA and worldwide, blacklisted, kept under 24/7 intense satellite drone surveillance, and literally tortured and slowly murdered with electromagnetic waves directed into their brains from satellite drones in attempts at controlling their emotions, thoughts and actions in very negative painful ways. These kangaroo court proceedings and the resulting court ordered psychiatric intervention therefore have absolutely nothing to do with proper humane mental health care treatment for anything and are simply a front for sadistic, brutal and ignorant terrorist styled assaults on the targets of this tyranny!

Dr Peter Gøtzsche exposes big pharma as organized crime

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