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"Psychiatry is legalized murder!"

The psychiatric diagnoses have no credibility, the psychiatric drugs are all highly toxic poisons which mimic mental illness and worse, and the mental hospitals are brutal concentration camps which serve no diagnostic or therapeutic value. Clearly people, including other doctors and judges, who have people see psychiatrists are using psychiatry to methodically destroy and slowly murder them even in the total absence of any criminal wrongdoing. Even prior to their generally premature and painful deaths from psychiatry the quality of life of victims of psychiatry becomes horrible because of the psychiatrists. The psychiatric stigmatization which the psychiatrists and courts enforce even in the absence of any mental illness just about always destroys students in school and the careers, reputations, and financial well being of people in the work world. This generally results in the enforcement and creation of dangerous poverty with the victims having no way out of their hardships even when they are simply not mentally ill due to the associated cruel blacklists by the US government and states. The US federal government and states claim such associated blacklists are not legal under their laws and so this simply means such laws, which are not enforced, are pure propaganda. Any such laws are meant to make the USA appear to be a civilized country when the country in fact ranks alongside the leading criminal human rights abuser nations in world history. All along the psychiatrists themselves are enjoying a gravy train of huge profits for helping the highest and most powerful bidders slowly murder other people for whatever irrational reasons or often for no good reasons at all aside from the sadistic enjoyment of killing by murderers!

This commentary is not based on scientific studies and is simply based  on opinions unless otherwise stated. However, keep in mind the diagnoses of the psychiatrists do not have any biological markers to back them up  and are therefore based on the subjective whims of the psychiatrists whose interventions consistently appear to cause patients a great deal of pain and suffering and far more harm than good! 

Breaking Natural Mental Health Care News

"Kids can avoid trouble by taking Omega-3s"

It has been reported that something as simple as a dietary supplement could decrease disruptive and even abusive behavior. According to research by a UMass Lowell criminal justice professor dietary supplements of Omega-3s can reduce disruptive and abusive behavior in kids.  Omega-3 fatty acids seem to improve brain health and behavior in kids and adults.>>>Read more from UMass Lowell>>>  

"Research supports a link between diet and depression!"

Researchers have found there is an association between the amount of fish and processed food eaten and depression. A diet rich in n-3 LCPUFA (depression-fighting fatty acid) as provided by seafood and low in n-6  PUFA (depression-linked fatty acid) as found in many take-away foods appears to be beneficial.>>>Read more from James Cook University>>> 

"Kids may boost their IQ by eating fish"

It has been reported by the University of Pennsylvania that  there is an association in kids between eating fish weekly and improved  sleep and higher IQ. In this study kids who ate fish at least once  higher than kids who ate less fish or no fish at all. This study has  been published in>>>Scientific Reports>>>

Breaking Natural General Health Care News

"Adding zinc to chocolate, coffee & tea may benefit health"

Zinc can protect against the superoxide which is responsible for oxidative stress when taken together with a component found in foodstuffs such as coffee, tea and chocolate. It appears possible that coffee, tea and chocolate may well become available in future with added zinc.>>>Read more from Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg>>> 

"Breast milk is good for the brains of premature babies!"

Research findings have suggested that brain development in the weeks after a baby is born prematurely is improved in babies who are given greater amounts of breast milk. Premature babies may be given the best chance  of healthy development of their brains if they are breast fed.>>>Read more from MedicalXpress>>>  

"Healthy lifestyle changes lower the need for blood pressure medications"

Researchers have reported men and women suffering from high blood pressure have been found to lower the need for antihypertensive medications after they made lifestyle changes.  Lifestyle changes which include healthier eating and regular exercise can dramatically lower the number of patients who need blood  pressure-lowering medications.>>>Read more from Eurekalert>>> 

"CCHR: The drugging of our children"

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