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Daily Natural Healthcare Tips


Cranberries may help prevent & treat urinary tract infections because they inhibit bacteria from attaching to the bladder & urethra. Cranberries may also protect against cancer & heart disease due to the presence of potent antioxidants!


There are many benefits which people may experience with meditation including a decrease in stress & anxiety, improved self-image with less depression, an increase in attention span, improved learning & memory, better sleep & lower blood pressure!


Phytonutrients found in grapes may play a role in longevity & may offer us anti-aging benefits.  In particular resveratrol may increase expression of several genes which are related to longevity. Nutrients in grapes may also provide us with some significant cognitive benefits!  

Daily Human Rights Abuse Terror Alert


"Psychiatrists are unethical & incompetent doctors who generally increase doses of toxic drugs when dangerous side effects occur!" One of many tragically careless aspects of psychiatric practice is seen with how haphazardly the toxic arsenal of psychiatric drugs are prescribed for people. There are no biological markers for the diagnoses of psychiatrists to begin with and so these dangerous drugs are being prescribed to supposedly prevent and treat mental health conditions patients may not actually even suffer from. When symptoms of side effects, which can be severe such as seizures, blackouts, suicidal and homicidal thoughts, intense anxiety and depression occur with the psychiatric drugs the psychiatrists often insist the psychiatric illnesses themselves are the cause of these dangerous symptoms and increase the doses of the drugs while also adding other drugs to their potentially lethal prescriptions. This degree of arrogant carelessness in dealing with the well being of people could be viewed as manslaughter or even murder when deaths occur. Yet, sadly the feds and cops generally encourage and help to enforce the use of psychiatric drugs due to the legalization of the abhorrently poor medical practices of psychiatrists by the lawmakers and judiciary!    

CCHR: What we believe!

Dr Peter G√łtzsche exposes big pharma as organized crime

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