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Daily Human Rights Abuse Terror Alert

"Psychiatrists are interested nurturing sickness and dependence to win their cases against their patients"! The legal system in the USA is an adversarial system wherein of course the goal is to come out a winner. The psychiatrists and other doctors who appear at the kangaroo civil court proceedings therefore come out in court fighting to win their cases against their patients. There is no scientific approach which can confirm the cases against the innocent victims of psychiatry. Yet the feds deal with these cases as if they are federal cases. The very fact that the psychiatrists press legal cases against innocent men, women and children unfortunate enough to become their patients breaks down any possibility of a healing therapeutic relationship between the psychiatrists and patients. In order to prosper from their professional quackery the psychiatrists do not want their patients to come across as mentally healthy in court or anyplace for that matter. In this brutal legal system the psychiatrists are not fighting for wellness and independence for the patients. Instead what they strive to create are beaten down sickly people whom the judges who preside at the kangaroo civil court proceedings will consider a menace to society. 

Natural Mental Health Care News Report of the Day

"Junk food can harm the teen brain" It has been reported by EurekAlert that because primary neurotransmitter systems in the brain which are responsible for inhibition and reward signaling are still developing during the time of the teen years, existing primarily on junk food could have a negative affect on decision making, cause an increase in reward-seeking behavior and lead to poor eating habits throughout adult life. 

Natural General Health Care News Report of the Day

"The non-opioid pain killer Gabapentin is being abused" Gabapentin, which is a nerve pain medication and anticonvulsant sold under the  brand name Neurontin and others, is increasingly being misused. Prescribers must better understand its abuse potential and risk  profile.>>>Read more from more from University of Louisville News>>>


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