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"The savagery of the authorities responsible for psychiatric tyranny in the USA & Great Britain exceeds that of the Mexican drug cartels!" The chronically criminally insane US and British feds & cops working with the likewise criminally insane American and British psychiatrists have been heating up excruciatingly painful and deadly satellite drone electronic warfare assaults on the brains of mental health care human rights activists, their children and poor people. The monsters responsible for this tyranny are manifesting savagery of a nature which exceeds that of Mexican drug cartel members with an increase in the intensity of the torture the more their victims cry out in pain. This is repulsive particularly in view of how the consistently criminal US and British governments adamantly insist that the USA and Great Britain be recognized as the centers of humanity on the planet, or face the consequences. Every living entity on this planet should be saddened by the reality that the deviant minded maniacs responsible for all of this control enough nuclear weapons to blow the planet earth into shreds dozens of times. God help us all, including Russia, as I watch in dismay as such hypocritical liars between the USA and Great Britain keep instigating fights with Russia. I have seen firsthand that the situation with this tyranny is just as bad out of London as out of Washington, DC!   

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"Aging is slowed down by regular exercise over a lifetime"

Researchers have found maintaining an active lifestyle keeps the body young and healthy.  This research offers strong evidence that encouraging people to commit themselves to regular exercise during their lives is a viable solution to the problem that people are living longer but they are often not healthier.>>>Read more from University of Birmingham>>>

"Regional fear levels associated with Trump & Brexit votes"

A psychology study has shown that regions which are highest on neuroticism are particularly receptive to political campaigns which have an emphasis on danger and loss. Past campaigns have not tapped into these themes as strongly as we saw in 2016 in the USA and Great Britain.>>>Read more from The University of Texas at Austin>>>  

"Colon cancer survival may be helped by eating nuts"

According to a new study which has been done by researchers at Yale Cancer Center people who are suffering from stage lll colon cancer who regularly consume nuts are at significantly less risk of cancer recurrence and mortality than those who don’t.>>>Read more from Yale News>>>


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