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"Psychiatry can't be reformed"

Saying that there is the possibility of reform in psychiatry is like saying there has been room for reform in the Nazi Party and the Khmer Rouge. Any organized group which has committed so many crimes against humanity can not possibly be said to potentially have something of value to offer mankind. Of course psychiatrists claim this is not true and that after all their primary mission is to help people achieve better mental health and have better more productive lives. The Nazis and Khmer Rouge made similar statements about having positive things to offer society to the German and Cambodian people. However, in actuality these political groups were made up of criminal gangs of hoodlums whose only real concern was their own power and money, just like has always been true with psychiatry. Sadly the US government has also turned out to also be a criminal entity which has legalized the destructive tyranny of psychiatrists to further its own special interests just like the brutal tyranny of the Nazis and Khmer Rouge was legalized to further their own sadistic and selfish interests!

"Psychiatrists deny the credibility of primary care physicians dealing with mental health care"

There are often situations where highly qualified and ethical primary care physicians who have chosen not to deal with psychiatrists clear the mental health status of patients who are nevertheless told they are mentally ill by psychiatrists. We often see this with public figures, but it also happens with people in other walks of life who have the terrible misfortune of falling into the hands of these tyrannical quacks. The psychiatrists, whose professional opinions and destructive interventions are based on their bigoted whims and not on science, insist non-psychiatric primary care physicians do not have the expertise they have in dealing with mental health care. However, even though there will always be a high degree of subjectivity involved in opinions about someone's mental health, at least good primary care physicians have a track record of consistently striving to help patients with their overall health and well being instead of consistently hurting them in every realm of their lives as psychiatrists do!

"The US terror state has hypocritical policies in dealing with human rights activism"

 The terrorist US government continues it's traditional policy of encouraging foreign people to blast their home governments over human rights abuses. Nevertheless Americans who blast the US government over human rights abuses are electronically stalked, badgered, labelled as unpatriotic and mentally ill, drugged up with the toxic arsenal of psychiatric drugs, railroaded into mental hospital concentration camps, and confronted with cruel social isolation and deadly blacklists!

"Psychiatrists have made medical education and the medical profession a scam for wealthy elitists!"

Although there are many dedicated non-psychiatric physicians who really do help patients with their health care needs, their efforts are overshadowed by the arrogant brutal idiocy brought into the medical profession by psychiatrists. Beginning in the medical school years extremely wealthy and well connected elitists are given special consideration when issues of mental stability are raised. Outsiders without the same economic and politically well connected clout who raise serious ethical questions about some aspects of medical education and the practice of medicine are generally destroyed by the psychiatrists with accusations of mental illness. The stigmatization and coerced and forced psychiatric intervention which follows often results in ruined careers and wasted years of hard work. Overall this leaves an impression of the medical education system and mainstream medical profession as being highly sophisticated scams for the extremely wealthy and politically well connected!

"Psychiatry is political in the USA just as it is alleged to be in the Communist nations"

The American politicians and others in the country are quick to blast China, Vietnam, Cuba and North Korea for allegedly using psychiatry as a harsh tool of political oppression. This was the same allegation made by the USA against the Soviet Union during the Cold War era. Although there are clearly similar problems with psychiatry in the Communist world and elsewhere across the world as in the USA it is absurdly naive to insist that at least psychiatry isn't political in the USA. It is after all the lawmakers from primarily the Republican and Democratic parties who have passed laws legalizing the tyrannical quackery of psychiatry. And the judges who preside at swift, fixed kangaroo civil psychiatric court proceedings across all 50 states are either politically appointed or elected in a political process. If the US government nevertheless continues to insist that the brutal implementation and enforcement of psychiatry in the USA is not political than what reasoning is there for the millions upon millions of American men, women and children who are regularly destroyed by psychiatry even in the absence of criminal misconduct? This leaves us with a consideration that in the Communist world the reasons for the enforcement of psychiatry can at least be explained, even if you disagree with such a state of affairs!

These alerts are simply opinions keeping in mind the psychiatrists are dangerous quacks whose myriad of mythical diagnoses are not based on any reliable scientific tests and are actually simply based on the bigoted whims of the psychiatrists whose interventions are consistently highly destructive!