DrMandelNews.com Human Rights Abuse Terror Alerts

"The US government & psychiatrists nurture pain & suffering by shutting down opportunities" In the process of manufacturing unhealthy states of being which mimic mental illness, nurture mental illness or which unfold into mental illness the terrorist US government and psychiatrists shut down opportunities in the academic world and work world for their victims to get ahead in life. The resulting personal, social and financial problems cause intense degrees of pain and suffering and even premature deaths. Clearly the last thing the US government and psychiatrists want for victims of "The American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture & Death" is success in life and the capability for the targets of their sadistic tyranny to lead healthy and active lifestyles because this would prove their labels of mental illness to be all wrong!  

"The US Psychiatric Abuse Cliques cause the very problems they insist are due to mental illness" On a daily basis the careers and lives of decent men, women and children across the USA are catastrophically ruined by Psychiatric Abuse Cliques made up of the US feds, cops, psychiatrists and their personal judges. These brutal barbarians who are supposed to represent the Best & Brightest in the American society instead have proven again and again that they rank among the most pathetic criminal elements in the world as they invest the nation's time and money in sadistically abusing good people who are not guilty of any serious criminal wrongdoing if any criminal wrongdoing at all and having them labelled as mentally ill in order to justify treating them as outcasts in society who don't deserve to have their legal rights respected. When careers, families, academic progress, financial well being, social lives and other aspects of the lives of the targets of this tyranny fall apart due to abuses the Psychiatric Abuse Cliques keep insisting that is all due to mental illness. This all often actually leads to such painfully compromised states of being for the victims that actual mental illness often begins to set in and the "American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture & Death" prospers greatly from its own abuses!

 "Psychiatric intervention often leads to suicide!" The system has created a horrible situation wherein when suicide attempts occur psychiatric intervention is demanded. Although psychiatrists claim to be experts in mental health care they generally exacerbate problems when patients present with mental health care issues. The mental hospitals are concentration camps which do not have any real diagnostic or therapeutic value, the psychiatric drugs are highly toxic poisons which have as a major side effect the causing of serious mental health issues, and the diagnoses to begin with are sketchy and based on the subjective whims of the psychiatrists. And so although suicide attempts are serious matters it appears the pain and suffering consistently inflicted on patients by psychiatrists increases the chances of a successful suicide attempt the next time around. It would therefore seem if patients have any family members who care for them they have a better chance for a full and lasting recovery if they are released from the hospital as quickly as possible and sent home with a caring family member!

"The US feds, cops & psychiatrists claim their torture tactics have a positive purpose" On a daily basis around the clock law abiding men, women and children are targeted for literal torture by the US feds and cops working with the American psychiatrists with the stated goal of railroading them into the highly painful and destructive psychiatric system. The literal torture with high intensity satellite electronic warfare projecting images and sounds into the brains of the targets of this tyranny, organized public ridicule campaigns and deadly blacklists are said to serve the supposed positive objective of pushing these people into psychiatric intervention. The feds, cops and psychiatrists insist the targets of these abuses would not unravel into distraught states of being unless they had some type of underlying serious mental illness. In other words the sadists responsible for these abuses claim the torture their victims are being subjected to would not cause disordered states of existence which mimic mental illness or which in fact unfold into mental illness in normal people. This is the irrational reasoning of incorrigible criminals. If this torture does not actually cause such horrible states of being what do the torturers suppose it is causing? Most if not all of the victims of this brutality had the capacity to do just fine in all vital realms of their lives if not for such unwanted interventions by what are clearly extremely dangerous sociopaths who all along insist they are not actually torturing people and anyone who reports otherwise must be mentally ill!  

"Psychiatrists and the US Department of Justice have together made a mockery out of civilized concepts of justice" On a daily basis law abiding people who may or may not have suffered from some type of emotional disturbance are badgered, isolated and confronted with deadly blacklists because they saw psychiatrists. Together the psychiatrists and US Department of Justice implement and enforce these injustices. Sophisticated satellite drone electronic warfare of the nature used against hostile enemies in a war is being used to illegally keep the targets of this tyranny under surveillance 24/7 in order to enable the undermining of as many of their vital interests as possible. This technology is also being used to scatter the brainwaves  of victims of psychiatry therefore dangerously inducing disordered states of being which mimic mental illness. Children of victims of these abuses also often suffer horribly from the associated financial and social fallout of the family. The psychiatrists and US Department of Justice share a mission of generating as much activity as possible for the very lucrative "American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture & Death" as they insist the parents and children in such instances share some type of genetic mental illness when actually they are victims of horrible abuses by the psychiatrists and US Department of Justice. All along it is claimed by the authorities this is all being done to realize some type of mental health care justice for the society which in itself makes a total mockery out of all civilized concepts of justice! 

These Human Rights Terror Alerts are opinions which are based on subjective interpretations of personal experiences with psychiatrists and on subjective interpretations of reports on abuses by psychiatrists by victims of psychiatry. These alerts are not based on scientific studies. However, please keep in mind the diagnoses of the psychiatrists are based on the subjective whims of the psychiatrists with no actual scientific basis for them. Furthermore, reports on catastrophic side effects from psychiatric drugs and other psychiatric interventions and on ruined careers, social relationships, financial well being, families, and overall lives secondary to stigmatization enforced by the psychiatrists themselves along with many other medical doctors and nurses have been overwhelming!