DrMandelNews.com Human Rights Abuse Terror Alerts

"Gifted people are pushed to the bottom of society by psychiatry!" Using both their direct and indirect interventions psychiatrists and other doctors and nurses who work with them along with the judges, feds and cops who help to implement their tyranny are paid unusually well to destroy the health and well being of men, women and children. The targets of this tyranny are generally not criminals and are well educated with the interest and capacity to earn a nice living with careers that have positive advantages for other people and yet their careers and lives are usually intentionally catastrophically destroyed by psychiatric intervention in order to fuel the abusive psychiatric system. This has created a very pathetic situation in the American society and elsewhere worldwide where the "Best & Brightest" are often pushed to the bottom of society while ignorant and brutal charlatans and criminals rise to the top of society! 

"In the USA universal concepts of human decency have been eroded by psychiatry!" The USA is a terrorist nation to the core which is heavily invested in oppressing, torturing and murdering innocent people with psychiatry for huge profits. The US feds and cops rally non-psychiatric doctors and nurses along with others in society to help victimize targets of brutal sadistic psychiatric take downs. Never before in world history since the height of power of the Nazis in Europe has a nation so heavily invested itself in working with medical doctors and other medical personnel to cripple and murder innocent people while insisting this all somehow has some kind of positive value for society. The US feds, cops and psychiatrists in particular exhibit the characteristics of well paid ignorant goons as they implement their joint tyranny while their often mild mannered, well educated and emotionally warm victims must struggle to survive on the fringes of society. This is pathetic with all universal concepts of human decency being therefore turned around by the US psychiatric system with often times the most undesirable elements in society being made extremely wealthy and powerful as civilized and intelligent people perish!    

"The psychiatric system works against self-actualization!" Victims  of psychiatry have very little if any chance of becoming self-made  successes in their career interests and financially because of the  negative attitudes, policies and practices of the psychiatrists  themselves. The entire psychiatric system operates on the premise that  people targeted by psychiatry should not be allowed to define their own  destiny in life based on their own desires and intellectual capacity.  This denial to the right of self-actualization is emotionally painful  and in itself undermines the mental well being of people. The tragic  consequences of such negative courses of action such as lack of career  advancement and associated financial problems compromise the very  existence of victims of psychiatry. It takes a great deal of personal  and financial support to beat the tragic consequences of totally wasted  lives which the psychiatric system consistently strives to create! 

"Psychiatric drugs are used to cripple & kill decent people in the USA" Neuroleptics, lithium and other highly toxic psychiatric drugs are used to sadistically cripple and kill decent men, women and children across the USA. As a matter of fact criminal US federal agents and cops working with the criminally insane American psychiatrists often work in reverse to intentionally manufacture psychiatric labels which will justify the prescribing of the poisonous arsenal of psychiatric drugs. The US government and American Psychiatric Association's propaganda machines make it appear as if it is an absurd accusation that such damaging actions against the welfare of people would be taken intentionally. However, the persistence of such activities against scores of victims of psychiatry for decades upon decades makes it appear to be absurd to deny this is exactly what has been going on!  

"It's dangerous for psychiatric abuse victims to blow the whistle on their abusers!" The entire system has been so corrupted by the well funded "Psychiatric Enslavement, Torture & Killing Machine" across the USA that it is very dangerous for victims of psychiatrists to blow the whistle on being abused. When the consistently abusive FBI gets reports from victims of psychiatry the agents generally intensify the stigmatization and associated abuses. If the US Attorney General's office is contacted about being abused by psychiatrists every federal agent and cop in the country generally intensifies the abuses. If reports on such abuses are taken as far as the President of the USA and the Congress just about the entire system is turned on the abused with targeted deadly blacklists and satellite drone electronic stalking and badgering. If the police, state lawmakers, governors, mayors and judiciary are contacted by victims of psychiatric abuse there are generally intensified attempts to railroad them deeper into the destructive psychiatric system with organized public ridicule campaigns and targeted isolation. If the syndicated press is contacted by psychiatric abuse victims with requests for help in breaking their stories it's possible the victims will hit the front pages as psychotic misfits in society. And if Hollywood insiders are contacted about helping victims of psychiatry to commercialize their stories chances are their stories will be stolen for millions of dollars in profits as the victims are left to struggle to survive on the fringes of society in created and enforced poverty!

These Human Rights Terror Alerts are opinions which are based on subjective interpretations of personal experiences with psychiatrists and on subjective interpretations of reports on abuses by psychiatrists by victims of psychiatry. These alerts are not based on scientific studies. However, please keep in mind the diagnoses of the psychiatrists are based on the subjective whims of the psychiatrists with no actual scientific basis for them. Furthermore, reports on catastrophic side effects from psychiatric drugs and other psychiatric interventions and on ruined careers, social relationships, financial well being, families, and overall lives secondary to stigmatization enforced by the psychiatrists themselves along with many other medical doctors and nurses have been overwhelming!