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"The USA is heavily invested in torturing good people for huge profits!" Never before in world history has a nation  whose leaders think so much of themselves and which demands world respect for supposedly standing on a morale high ground deserved such little respect as seen with the USA. This is seen in how heavily invested the country has been for a long time in degrading, ruining, torturing and essentially murdering so many good people in the country in order to fuel the powerful and lucrative "American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death!" Federal agents, cops, psychiatrists and their judges are paid extremely well to implement their joint tyranny across the country while innocent and peaceful men, women and children with the capacity to succeed in all realms of their lives nevertheless must struggle to survive on the fringes of society because they have been sadistically targeted to be sacrificed to the deadly psychiatric system!

"People who see psychiatrists are set up for horrible lives & premature deaths in the USA!" Psychiatric  Abuse Cliques made up psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, feds, cops,  their personal judges, along with other professionals and others in  society who support psychiatry are sadistic monsters whose primary  objective with voluntary or forced psychiatric intervention is total  devastation of the lives of innocent victims of psychiatry. It seems as  if some type of inherent pathological insecurities in dealing with their  own existence drives the sociopaths responsible for abusing good people  with psychiatry together to share in their legalized sadistic ecstasy  of ripping apart the lives of their victims. There is never actually any  affirmative goals in mind with psychiatric intervention with the abuses  going on for lifetimes as one generation after another enforces them in  the tragically criminal and abusive societies mankind has created. The  destructive psychiatric interventions which include the poisonous  arsenal of psychiatric drugs, intentional stigmatization, social  isolation, police beatings and false arrests, railroading into mental  hospital concentration camps, and cruel and deadly blacklists which  generally lead to financial hardship are all part of the formula of  intentional pain and suffering psychiatric abuse victims are hit with to  attempt to make their lives as miserable as possible and lead them to  die prematurely!  

"Psychiatry is a tool of sadistic economic oppression!" There  are scores of highly qualified law abiding people who should be earning  a lot of money but who are instead struggling on low wages and fighting  to survive on the fringes of society because of psychiatry, not because  of mental illness. Although it is supposedly against the law to  discriminate against these people whether or not they have actually  suffered from any type of mental illness the US feds, cops and  psychiatric court judges help the psychiatrists push them out of the  mainstream of life. Knowing full well that financial freedom is needed  to secure actual freedom and to help nurture mental health these cliques  of brutal psychiatric abusers move as aggressively as possible to ruin  the careers and earning capacity of the targets of their sadistic  assaults. It is claimed by the terrorists responsible for these abuses  that keeping their victims down and out is vital for their mental  conditions or that they simply can't perform their vital work tasks  well, when in fact nurturing career and financial success in these  generally very capable people would nurture mental health. And so we see  that psychiatry is being used as a powerful and deadly tool of sadistic  economic oppression! 

"Psychiatrists & the US Department of Justice torture & murder critics of psychiatry" The criminally insane American psychiatrists, with full support from the chronically abusive and sadisticUS government, move in to maliciously and sadistically enslave, torture and murder activist physicians and others who make valid criticisms of  human rights abuses which are inherent in the practice of psychiatry, instead of  working with them for affirmative changes. The methods of madness used  by these monsters include intentional misdiagnoses of schizophrenia and  bipolar disorder, drugging with the poisonous arsenal of psychiatric drugs, police  beatings and false arrests, incarcerations in mental hospital concentration camps, enforced social isolation, cruel blacklists and swift, fixed kangaroo civil court proceedings before their own personal  judges in closed courts in order to legalize this tyrannical insanity. Clearly psychiatry has not progressed beyond its extremely ignorant and abusive savagery since it was founded and never will! 

"American psychiatrists profit from nurturing mental illness instead of  mental health!" The American psychiatrists themselves have created a  financial incentive system wherein the sicker they can make patients and  the sicker they can keep patients the more money they make. Diagnoses  of the trendy entities of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in  particular, which the psychiatrists manufacture from histories of  perfectly normal variations in moods and behavior, help the American  psychiatrists profit greatly from admissions to their mental hospital  concentration camps, prescribing the poisonous arsenal of psychiatric  drugs which generally cause far more problems than they solve, brief  appearances at swift, fixed civil kangaroo court proceedings which are  used to legalize this tyranny, and worthless individual and group  therapy sessions where the American psychiatrists simply count the  minutes until the end of the sessions and offer absolutely no worthwhile  advice or support to help patients achieve and maintain mental health. 

"Your very existence as who you really are is threatened by psychiatry!" Psychiatrists and the US government actually work together  to negate the actual existence of the targets of their joint tyranny.  This occurs even in the absence of criminal misconduct. Essentially when  psychiatry is invoked against someone the very nature of psychiatric  intervention move towards the position that the person can't exist as  who they really are even if that's exactly what makes them successful  and happy in life. This reflects the consistently destructive and  tragically sadistic orientation of psychiatry as endorsed by the US  government. The psychiatric system all along profits greatly from the  extreme pain and suffering which its victims are afflicted with! 

"US government & mainstream medical profession are ignorant in dealing with mental health issues!" It is a very dangerous misconception that the most enlightened people in society to deal with mental health issues are overall government agencies and medical doctors. As a matter of fact the US government and mainstream medical profession endorse the dangerous stigmatization of innocent victims of psychiatry by routinely making psychiatric intervention a legal issue even in the absence of criminal misconduct. Some of the brightest and most pleasant people in society are dealt with like outcasts from society and sadistically pushed out of and blacklisted from well paying jobs which they earned and deserve by the US government and the mainstream medical profession while also being routinely badgered by the feds and cops simply because they have seen psychiatrists professionally. In fact one of the quickest ways to end young physicians careers before they ever have a chance to get started is to have them see psychiatrists with clearly false promises psychiatrists are enlightened mental health care providers and will help nurture their career interests. This is pathetic with victims of psychiatry often finding out when it's too late to save lifetimes of hard studying and work that the very professionals they were conned into believing have the most intelligent views in dealing with mental health issues actually have dangerously ignorant and damaging views in dealing with such issues!

"Doctors known as great psychiatrists are particularly dangerous!" We generally think of someone who is great at what they do as having something of value to offer us as when a well known chef prepares a meal. However being great at something does not always have this positive connotation as when a leading terrorist is a great bomb maker. This is the same problem we encounter with the diabolically insane psychiatrists who are themselves actually terrorists. Great psychiatrists are doctors who have gone to extreme lengths to sell out the Hippocratic Oath of high medical ethics which highlights that a doctor shall "do no harm”.  Although all of the psychiatrists are dangerous quacks, the "great psychiatrists" are particularly smooth talking con artists who are very efficient at inflicting their patients with intense degrees of pain and suffering while destroying their lives in the so-called name of mental health care. Sadly the brutes working for the US Department of Justice seem to admire the manners in which psychiatrists methodically cripple and kill people and so they often enthusiastically help them implement their sadistic tyranny!   

"Psychiatry is a human rights abuse!" The late Dr Thomas Szasz once said  "Psychiatry does not commit human rights abuse. It is a human rights  abuse.” Dr Szasz was absolutely right. It is pure propaganda to assert  that psychiatry has anything of value to offer for the prevention and  treatment of mental illness. Ever since its genesis  psychiatry has been a highly destructive discipline which profits  greatly from the intense pain and suffering it afflicts people with. The  consistent stealing of the freedom of people by psychiatrists runs  counter to what is necessary to nurture mental health. The legalization  of psychiatry with swift, fixed kangaroo civil court proceedings as  occurs across the entire USA simply makes psychiatry even more  oppressive and antithetical to everything necessary for an individual to  enjoy mental health. The pathetic aggressive support of psychiatry by  the US government conveys the zeal with which the US government has  always actually held freedom and democracy in disdain and has instead  been seeking rigid authoritarian rule over the general public ever since  the country was founded!  

"Psychiatrists consistently destroy your quality of life" The highly toxic interventions of psychiatrists, which includes dealing with their toxic personalities, unscientific stigmatizing labels from erroneous diagnoses, poisonous arsenal of psychiatric drugs, mental hospital concentration camps, police brutality and more abuses have dramatic negative consequences for your quality of life. It appears the psychiatrists and US Department of Justice, both of whom work together, sadistically enjoy ruining careers and the financial well being of their innocent victims. The resulting horrible quality of lives for victims of psychiatry helps to manufacture mental illness and generates enormous profits for the psychiatrists and everyone else associated with the deadly psychiatric system!

"Psychiatrists are very dangerous con artists!" Psychiatrists  are smooth talking con artists who have many people believing they are  experts in mental health care and dedicated to helping them with their  mental health. However in reality the psychiatrists are arrogant and  ignorant tyrants and frauds who lack any real interest in good mental  health care. The psychiatrists are extremely dangerous professional con  artists who profit from inflicting people with extreme forms of torture  which leads to horrible degrees of intense pain and suffering. When the  psychiatrists fail to gain the trust of people, or lose that trust, they  generally fly into rages and resort to police force and swift, fixed  court orders to force their victims into their destructive treatments.  The US feds and cops along with the psychiatric court judges are brutal  human rights abusers just like the psychiatrists who endorse and help to  implement psychiatric torture. Together these psychiatric abuse cliques  share the horrifying position that the resulting breakdown in the  emotional stability of victims of their torture campaigns represents  mental illness which needs to be treated by their tormentors!

These commentaries are not based on scientific studies and are simply based on opinions unless otherwise stated. However, keep in mind the diagnoses of the psychiatrists do not have any biological markers to back them up and are therefore based on the subjective whims of the psychiatrists whose interventions consistently appear to cause patients a great deal of pain and suffering and far more harm than good!