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"Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine may help fight cancer"

Two antimalarial drugs, chloroquine and  hydroxychloroquin, may help to fight cancer reports MedicalXpress. Researchers who are associated with the Repurposing  Drugs in Oncology (ReDO) project have said there has been enough evidence to  include these drugs in more clinical investigations. It appears these drugs make  tumor cells more sensitive to treatment for cancer.>>>Read  More>>>

"Watching too much TV can be deadly"

Watching too much TV could turn out to be  deadly due to the consequences of spending too much time sitting around. The  American Heart Association  has reported there may be an  increased risk for a blood clot in a vein with an increase in time spent  watching TV.>>>Read  More>>>

"Caution should be taken with candy imported to the USA"

Nearly everyone enjoys some candy now and  than. However, tooth decay, too many calories, and diabetes are not the only  risk factors associated with eating candy. The University of California San  Fransisco has reported that in  California imported candy is at the top of the contaminated food list.>>>Read  More>>>  

"Cannabinoids can induce seizures"

Marijuana is a widely  used drug of abuse. Seizures have been found to be associated with using this  drug.>>>Read More On  EvoNews>>>

"Good students go on to become good workers"

An investment in helping a child  to become a good student can go a long way towards helping that child to be a  good employee later in life.>>>Read More On  EvoNews>>>

"LCL 161 shrinks tumors in multiple myeloma patients"

Mayo Clinic has reported researchers have found that an experimental drug which is called LCL161 stimulates the immune system, leading to shrinking of tumors in patients suffering from multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma is a blood cancer illness that affects plasma cells which are white blood cells that normally produce antibodies to fight infection.