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"Despicable people are recruited for the Psychiatric Abuse Cliques"

The kind of people attracted to psychiatry  who like what's going on in the destructive discipline and choose to stay with  it are despicable. Consider a story by the Daily Mail wherein it  has been reported a 27 year old psychiatric nurse was banned from the profession  for life after he filmed himself on his phone raping a 3 year old  girl.>>>Read  More>>>

"Psychiatric rape is very common"

The very same people vulnerable people are told to trust  often terrorize them with sexual abuses. It has been reported that rape of  patients is a common practice by psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses and  psychologists.>>>Read More On  EvoNews>>

"Wastes of antidepressants are showing up in fish brains"

In spite of the growing awareness of  potentially horrible side effects from the use of antidepressants the  psychiatrists are continuing to routinely prescribe them. The use of these drugs  is so widespread their waste products are being found in the brains of fish.>>>Read More On  EvoNews>>>

"Canadian psychiatrists have been cited for torturing patients with drugs and chains"

There have been growing concerns of how  consistently abusive psychiatrists are with the Citizens Commission on Human  Rights helping to increase awareness of this tragic problem. Recently a lawsuit  in Canada was raised against psychiatrists for torturing patients.>>>Read More On  EvoNews>>>

"Dr Michael Cornwall says psychiatrists bring harm to patients out of stupidity"

There has been a growing  awareness of how tragically flawed the psychiatric paradigm is for dealing with  mental health care. Dr Michael Cornwall, who is a Jungian/Laingian  psychotherapist, says psychiatrists are harming their patients out of  stupidity. >>>Read More On  EvoNews>>>

"The United Nations says psychiatry undermines the right of people to be healthy"

United Nations Rapporteurs have  criticized psychiatry for the excessive medicalization of mental health issues  which is said to undermine the right of people to be healthy. CCHR International has published a  report by Kelly Patricia O’Meara which deals with how United Nations Special  Rapporteur, Dr. Dainius Puras, has set a milestone by addressing the very  serious problem of the excessive “medicalization” of mental health  issues.>>>Read More On  EvoNews>>>