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"The Harold Mandel, MD Natural  Mental Health Care Reform Association" Encourages You To Reach For Your Optimal  Mental Health Potential With Humane Nonpsychiatric Natural Mental Health Care  Approaches While Fighting To Wipe Out Mental Health Care Human Rights  Abuses! 

 The Harold  Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association has a mission of  encouraging mental health with humane natural approaches while working to  abolish the mental health care human rights abuses of psychiatrists. Mental  Health Care human rights abuses are a serious problem across the world. The  Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association wants to help  you enjoy better mental health with a deep respect for your human rights while  achieving better in school and at work and while enjoying a more rewarding  personal life wherever you may be.
Psychiatry  and psychology have become filthy, corrupt, and brutal disciplines of abuse in  this era. The psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses along with many of the  psychologists are diabolically insane sadists who work together to profit  greatly from the pain and suffering which they intentionally inflict their  patients and others with. The psychiatric drugs are highly toxic poisons which  mimic the mental illnesses they are supposed to be treating and worse. And the  mental hospitals are all concentration camps where sane social activists and  poor people along with people who could perhaps benefit from proper, humane  natural mental health care are kidnapped, drugged, sexually assaulted, and  beaten into severe states of delirium. And so the mental hospitals have  absolutely no diagnostic or therapeutic value.
Psychiatry  and psychology are being used as weapons of sadistic oppression in power plays  by wealthy and powerful elitists in society to degrade, enslave, and torture  people who have less money or less power than they do. Abusive non-psychiatric  physicians, nurses, and other abusive people in our society often work with the  psychiatrists and psychologists to literally steal the lives of their targets of  sadistic aggression with the psychiatric weapon of enslavement, torture, and  death in a corrupt and brutal system which often legalizes such tyranny. And  many very well meaning people from every walk of life in society, who are simply  victims of the propaganda of the psychiatrists and psychologists, often find  themselves destroying the very people they thought they were helping when they  deal with psychiatrists and psychologists.
In the  United States and elsewhere swift, fixed civil court proceedings with no juries  and no sworn in testimony are often used to force psychiatric intervention upon  people even in the absence of any scientific evidence of mental illness or  criminal misconduct. These kangaroo civil court proceedings are being used as a  pretext to have the targets of psychiatric tyranny sadistically enslaved,  tortured and slowly murdered instead of to promote mental health. The victims of  this tyranny are dragged into these sham civil court proceedings, with no  charges against them, after being beaten, drugged, sexually assaulted, and  abused in other manners in the mental hospitals where they are kidnapped to by  the police and federal agents, and are held in deep distress while waiting for  their quick moment in court which rips their lives apart in a flash. The local  judges who preside at these kangaroo court proceedings are instruments of a  brutal and corrupt political system who work closely alongside the psychiatrists  and other doctors who briefly testify at these proceedings.
These  closed proceedings are intimidating to its victims and break down the potential  therapeutic alliance with the doctors who are therefore justifiably perceived of  as enemies by the targets of court ordered psychiatric intervention. This lack  of a therapeutic alliance undermines the natural mental health potential of  people whether or not they have actually suffered from some type of mental  illness. These kangaroo psychiatric civil court proceedings are going on in a  conveyer belt fashion in county courts in all 50 states across the United States  five days a week, therefore having created the most horrible silent mass  genocide of decent people in world history. The targets of this tyranny are  generally, but not always poor. The psychiatric labeling and legalization of  psychiatry, along with the poisonous arsenal of psychiatric drugs, associated  with these sham civil court cases, has a goal of taking poor people out of the  healthy competition of life before they ever have a chance to get started by  trying to shut down all of their valuable educational and career opportunities.  Wealthy victims of this tyranny are being targeted to have all of their assets  frozen and to be driven into extreme poverty by cruel enemies claiming to be  working in their best interests who have determined the psychiatric weapon  offers them a legalized maneuver to attempt to steal their wealth and their  lives.
The  victims of this tyranny, who generally have the capacity to do very well in  every realm of life if not for the psychiatrists, therefore generally need  aggressive support from other people joining the fight against the arrogance and  brutality of the psychiatrists to get back into the mainstream of life. This all  represents the evolution of a sick society, with psychiatry at the heart of the  problem, which has turned concepts of human decency inside out, by glorifying  tyrants who mastermind these cases while terrorizing the targets of this  insanity with public ridicule, blacklists, painful psychiatric drugs which turn  them into cripples instead of healthy, independent people whom they otherwise  would have the capacity to be, created and enforced poverty, unemployment and  homelessness, regardless of how emotionally warm and intelligent these people  may be.
Psychiatric mental health care human rights abuses can be a  particularly critical problem for children whose developing brains and nervous  systems are extremely sensitive to the toxic arsenal of psychiatric drugs,  isolation chambers, and beatings used by the psychiatrists in their so-called  treatment plans. And psychiatric labeling with its associated stigmatization is  devastating for the psychological well being of children. Having children see  child psychiatrists is actually a horrible form of child abuse which has been  tragically legalized in the United States and elsewhere. Special caution must  therefore be taken when dealing with the mental health of children.  
Psychiatric stigmatization which results in academic, career,  financial, legal, and social hardships for people who have seen psychiatrists is  a very serious problem. Both psychiatric diagnoses and court records dealing  with forced treatment generally follow people around for the remainder of their  lives even though there are no actual biological markers to confirm any of the  psychiatric diagnoses including the trendy diagnostic entities of schizophrenia  and bipolar disorder. Psychiatrists themselves enforce this stigmatization in  efforts to attempt to make their victims as weak as possible and dependent upon  them. The diagnoses of the criminally insane psychiatrists do not therefore  actually exist as real medical entities and have been devised as labels in order  to increase the enormous profits of the destructive psychiatric industry, which  includes the psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, the mental hospital  concentration camps, the pharmaceutical firms which make the poisonous  psychiatric drugs, the tragically abusive medical school psychiatry departments,  and the federal and state governments.
Furthermore, victims of psychiatric stigmatization are often  maliciously forced to take the blame for crimes and other wrongdoing of other  people. At other times the victims of this tyranny are simply victimized by  filthy lies about their characters and lives in order to enforce false labels of  mental illness in dealing with them. The degradation and demoralization of the  victims of psychiatric tyranny occurs regardless of how well educated,  emotionally sensitive, and law abiding these people may be. This all results in  forced downhill socioeconomic drifts, homelessness, and painful and premature  deaths for many of the victims of psychiatry. In most cases the victims of this  tyranny are perfectly sane, law abiding, very intelligent, creative, and warm  people who could have had meaningful and productive lives if not for the  psychiatrists along with a corrupt and brutal system which supports their  tyranny.
Lawmakers  across the entire United States have been responsible for arrogantly instituting  the destructive discipline of psychiatry into law, clearly in order to enhance  their personal profits due to behind the lines crooked deals with the  "Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture, and Death" and based on arrogant  sadism in their manners of desiring to control the society instead of respecting  individual freedoms. Throwing valuable lives away with psychiatry also helps the  lawmakers keep down the unemployment statistics associated with their failing  policies. All of the responsible lawmakers are therefore actually worthless and  very dangerous human rights abusers who should be permanently voted out of  office and in many instances arrested and convicted for crimes against humanity.  
It has  become apparent that perfectly sane, law abiding and emotionally warm natural  mental health care activists who deeply respect human rights are primary targets  of the diabolically insane psychiatrists, and their supporters, who have a goal  of controlling the emotions, thoughts and actions of the people of the world in  their image only for enormous profits. The only reasonable answers to deal with  this tyranny are to promote nonpsychiatric natural mental health care for the  prevention and treatment of mental illness, while working towards the total  abolition of psychiatry and the prosecution of as many of the psychiatrists and  psychiatric nurses as possible in criminal courts of law. Furthermore, the  medical licenses of the psychiatrists should be permanently revoked since they  use their medical credentials as a front to institute pain and suffering for  huge profits, with no interest at all in the mental health of their patients, or  of the society, which suffers each time another valuable life is wasted by  psychiatrists.
And  remember, the psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses and many of the psychologists  are dangerous terrorists who can never be trusted. They are often trained very  well to appear to be concerned and professional when approaching their victims,  and yet if you let your guard down for even one moment in dealing with them they  will jump at you and attack you with the precision of rattlesnakes with a goal  of paralyzing and slowly killing you. Psychiatrists can and will use anything  you say and do against you in their medical records and in courts of law to  finish you off. Furthermore, it is frightening to realize that large segments of  an often corrupt orthodox medical community overall supports this tyranny on a  daily basis, meaning you must be very careful about dealing with many medical  doctors, many of whom may try to sadistically turn the abuses of "The  Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death" on you at anytime in  order to fuel this brutal system. Sadly the federal government of the United  States, all 50 state governments across the United States, other governments  worldwide and many psychologists have made it clear they support what "The  Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture & Death" has been doing for  decades instead of supporting humane safe natural manners to nurture mental  health, happiness and productivity in people.
Essentially this means the United States and other countries have  become rigid, reactionary brutal psychiatric terrorist police states where many  people in control of these countries are tyrants who have absolutely no respect  for individuality and democratic freedoms. It will take a lot of money and hard  work to fight for natural humane reforms in mental health care while working to  have psychiatry abolished and the psychiatrists prosecuted across the United  States and worldwide for their crimes against humanity. Your support and  donations would be deeply appreciated!--Harold Mandel, MD

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