Native Remedies


MindSoothe™ for Positive & Balanced Moods  Natural supplement for a healthy attitude and emotional health and wellness. Buy Mindsoothe at>>>Mindsoothe


PureCalm™ for Naturally Soothed Nerves  Natural supplement for calm, relaxed moods & maintaining a positive outlook. Buy PureCalm at>>>PureCalm


MoodCalm™ for Mood Swings & Emotional Balance  Natural medicine for symptoms of mood swings, including manic behavior and outbursts. Buy MoodCalm at>>>MoodCalm

MindSoothe Jr.

MindSoothe Jr.™ Herbal supplement for emotional wellness and a balanced mood in children. Buy MindSoothe Jr. at>>>MindSoothe Jr.

Fatigue Fighter

Fatigue Fighter™  Herbal supplement for healthy energy levels, stamina and vitality. Buy Fatigue Fighter at>>>Fatigue Fighter

Triple Complex Sleep Tonic

Triple Complex Sleep Tonic™  Homeopathic medicine for mild tension and sleeplessness. Buy Triple Complex Sleep Tonic at>>>Triple Complex Sleep Tonic


Cholesto-Rite™  Herbal supplement for supporting balanced cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health* Buy Cholesto-Rite at>>>Cholesto-Rite


EcoSlim™  Herbal supplement for healthy weight and balanced metabolism*. Buy EcoSlim at>>>EcoSlim

Headache Soothe

Headache Soothe™  Homeopathic medicine for symptoms of stress and fatigue such as headache and neck tension. Headache Soothe at>>>Headache Soothe


ImmunityPlus™  Herbal supplement for a healthy immune system and routine cellular health*. Buy ImmunityPlus at>>>ImmunityPlus

Ikawe for Men

Ikawe for Men™  Herbal supplement for sexual health in men. Buy Ikawe for Men at>>>Ikawe for Men

Thanda Passion Booster

Thanda Passion Booster™ for Female Sexual Health. Herbal supplement to help promote feelings of sexual desire in women. Buy Thanda Passion Booster at>>>Thanda Passion Booster