Virtual Health Care Counseling Services

As a General Physician I offer online General Health Care and Mental Health Care Wellness Counseling Services with an emphasis on good nutrition and healthy lifestyles. In the area of General Medicine I support an Integrative Medicine approach with a personalized strategy that considers the unique conditions of the patient and wherein effective interventions that are natural and less invasive are used whenever possible. In the area of mental health care I support a 100% purist natural non-psychiatric approach to prevention and treatment because of the consistently dangerous side effects from the psychiatric drugs and other psychiatric interventions which always seem to cause more harm than good. I also offer counseling services for victims of psychiatry to help with regaining self-esteem and moving towards the path of recovery after being hit with the destructive interventions of psychiatrists. I am licensed to practice medicine by New York State. I am also a founding doctor with  HealthTap and I am Virtual Care Certified by HealthTap. All  of my counseling is offered online via HealthTap at: Virtual HealthTap Office of Dr  Harold Mandel