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"Cinnamon may help you fight obesity"

Aside from tasting delicious cinnamon may have some significant health benefits because it may help  burn fat. The University of Michigan has reported that cinnamon may help to fight against obesity. Cinnamon may lead to tasty therapeutic strategies in the fight against obesity.>>>Read  More>>>

"Memory and thinking can be improved with exercise"

It is a frightening thought to consider the possibility of losing your memory and ability to think clearly. Medical practitioners have been finding that exercising a minimum of twice a week is preferable to drugs for mild cognitive impairment reports Mayo Clinic.">>>Read More>>>

"There may be health benefits with plant proteins"

St. Michael's Hospital has reported that there may be health benefits from making a daily switch of one or two servings of animal proteins with plant proteins. This could lead to a small decrease in the primary cholesterol markers for cardiovascular disease prevention. >>>Read More>>>

"Your memory may improve with reading aloud"

There is often a feeling that someone who is reading aloud  to themselves may somehow be unstable. This is not at all necessarily true and  in fact to the contrary reading aloud to oneself may be a good way to improve  one's memory. The University of Waterloo reports that research has found that memory is improved with reading information aloud.>>>Read  More>>>

"Trees can help you beat serious asthma attacks"

Quality air is vital for pulmonary  health and exposure to trees enhances the quality of air we breath. The  University of Exeter reports that attacks of asthma are decreased in urban  neighborhoods which are lined with trees. In fact people with asthma who reside  in urban areas which are polluted are not as likely to be confronted with  hospital admissions when there are a lot of trees in their neighborhood.  >>>Read  More>>>

"There is an association between sugar and cancer"

It has been well known that eating too much sugar can be associated with obesity and dental decay. New research has shown an association exists between sugar and cancer. VIB reports that scientists have uncovered a relationship which exists between eating too much sugar and cancer.