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"Eat fish for depression!"

Your  brain health can be improved by getting more omega 3s in your diet.  These are healthy fats, which are found in abundance in fish and they  have long been implicated in depression. Fish is also a major component  of the Mediterranean diet which has been found to be an effective diet  for preventing depression.>>>Read more from University Health News>>>

"Children with friends may be healthier later in life"

Time which is spent with friends during childhood has an association physical health in adulthood. It has been observed that boys who spent a greater amount of time with friends as kids generally have lower blood pressure and lower BMI as men during their early 30s.>>>Read more from Association for Psychological Science>>>  

"Hyponatremia is associated with poor cognitive function"

It has been reported that a new study has discovered that lower levels of sodium in the blood, which is known as hyponatremia, is associated with declines in cognitive function with advancing age. This study has been published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN).>> Read more from EurekAlert>>>

"Kids may boost their IQ by eating fish"

It has been reported by the University of Pennsylvania that there is an association in kids between eating fish weekly and improved sleep and higher IQ. In this study kids who ate fish at least once higher than kids who ate less fish or no fish at all. Read more from>>> Scientific Reports>>>.

"Air pollution may contaminate our morality"

Researchers say exposure to air pollution, even simply imagining exposure to air pollution, may lead to unethical behavior. Air pollution, whether physically or mentally, has been found to be associated with unethical behavior such as crime and cheating. Read more from the Association for Psychological Science>>>