Psychiatric Abuse News

"Psychiatrists don't do much to earn $179,000 a year & more"

In  it's psychiatric crime database the Citizens Commission on Human Rights  has reported psychiatrists don't do much to earn $179,000 and more. In  fact as the consistently irresponsible and abusive psychiatrists earn a  fortune their victims who are generally well educated and nice people  who deserve to earn a nice living generally must struggle with their  families to survive on the fringes of society due to intentional  stigmatization by the psychiatrists and government.>>>Read more from CCHR>>> 

"Psychiatrists get kickbacks for addiction clinic referrals"

Psychiatrists  in the United Kingdom have been getting considerable kickbacks from  private clinics as a reward for referring wealthy patients who are  suffering from addictions. These payments, which are not allowed under  General Medical Council (GMC)  rules, have been blamed for increasing  the cost of private health care. >>>Read more from Daily Mail>>> 

"A disregard for human life is shown by psychiatrists when drug side effects are ignored"

The psychiatric charade can not erase the clear death and destruction which has been associated with antidepressant drugs. These drugs have been linked to aggression, suicidal thoughts and behavior and school shootings. Unscientific opinions from the psychiatric propaganda machine  are misleading the public. Non-psychiatric humane treatment for mental illness is needed to avoid making life-long psychiatric patients out of the victims of drugging with these toxic agents.>>>Read more from CCHR UK>>> 

"Greater than 50% of antidepressant users suffer withdrawal"

In  a survey of 1800 people who were prescribed antidepressants it was  found only a  small number  were warned by doctors about the potential  withdrawal or addiction side-effects. Yet  more than 50% experienced  withdrawal effects after coming off the medication and 33% reported  addiction.>>>Read more from RNZ>>>  

"Antidepressant use is linked to violence"

The  Citizens Commission on Human Rights International (CCHR) has warned  state and school authorities not to institute mental health screenings.  It has been pointed out that there have been many cases of violence  associated with the use of or withdrawal from antidepressants.>>>Read more from Herald Matters>>>